Uroczysko Siedmiu Stawów  & Spa by L’Occitane,  Niemcza
Uroczysko Siedmiu Stawów  & Spa by L’Occitane,  Niemcza

"W DIALOGU" open-air exhibition of artistic ceramics

06 Jun. ‘23
07 Jun. ‘23
01 April 2021
Uroczysko Siedmiu Stawów in Gola Dzierżoniowska, since 1 April 2021, has become the scenery for artistic ceramics.  The Fine Art Gallery has organised an open-air exhibition of works by graduates, lecturers and doctoral students of the Faculty of Ceramics and Glass of the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Deisgn in Wrocław: Karolina Sara Gardzilewicz, Łukasz Karkoszka, Rytis Konstantinavicius, Magdalena Maros, Katarzyna Nowak, Bożena Sacharczuk and Nataliya Zuban. The open space of the castle landscape was used to arrange objects, installations and groups of ceramic forms, with the idea of dialogue as their common denominator. The authors' concepts address the issue to varying degrees and evoke the most diverse associations, but they are undeniably the subject of philosophical reflection on the idea of an encounter.

The castle park has been transformed into a space for art. Landmarks set the scene for the exhibition. A spacious mirabelle provided a gentle shade for Katarzyna Nowak's naturalistic depictions of female silhouettes, discreetly coquetting with their naked bodies. Could this be an invitation to feast together in the bosom of nature, like in Èdouard Manet's painting "The Luncheon on the Grass"? The branches of the tree became the natural setting for a hygienic nook with an open-air washbasin by Karolina Sara Gardzilewicz. This is one of the original sets designed by the author, which is an original interpretation of the phenomena of the sacred and profane in the world of human needs, where the bond with nature, referring to the circulation and balance of the world, becomes more and more valuable. Organic objects by Bożena Sacharczuk, placed in the open space of the Uroczysko landscape, are also a tribute to the "nature of life". With their colours, structure and form, they allude to the idea of an eternal order, enclosed in an endlessly renewing circle of events, leading to a feeling of harmony, sense and joy. Magdalena Maros also discusses the most important values for human beings. Surreal images of human lips suspended in a circle engage in a dialogue with each other and with the viewer. From within them come sounds that are fragments of conversations about one of the most beautiful human relationships - friendship. With his figurative sculptures, Rytis Konstantinavicius tries to convey a warning against the negative consequences of human relationships. He shows how difficult and fragile human relationships can be, which often unknowingly lead to human tragedies and exclusion, by placing silhouette sculptures in poses that evoke a sense of instability. In contrast to these representations, three figures by Łukasz Karkoszka stand centrally. Like ancient statues, guardians of truth, concentrating their vital forces, they keep the world on its right course. The works live in a unique symbiosis with the green landscape, but also with the architecture of the place, evoking human history, the present and its future. Architectural connotations seem to include works by Natalia Zuban. The abstract blocks somehow grow into the architecture of the place. Their structure refers to the past which, due to the passage of time, changes our perception, evokes the feeling of blurring the boundaries between the real and the imaginary.

The concept of an open-air exhibition is on the one hand caused by the situation in which we live, but at the same time it has become a place which perhaps best reflects the idea of dialogue. In nature, among the trees, in peace and quiet, in a safe environment, one can find solace and space to listen, observe and enjoy. Feed one's senses, contemplate and search for new values, be in dialogue with art.

Uroczysko became an dreamlike place, allowing you to stop in time and space and focus your thoughts on the present moment and its positive aspects.

Curators of the exhibition Anna Gendaj and Bożena Sacharczuk

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