Uroczysko Siedmiu Stawów  & Spa by L’Occitane,  Niemcza
Uroczysko Siedmiu Stawów  & Spa by L’Occitane,  Niemcza
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Playroom regulations

06 Jun. ‘23
07 Jun. ‘23


1. Entering the Playroom means that you accept these Regulations.

2. Person responsible for the operation of the hotel does not provide care or supervision for children in the Playroom.

3. The Playroom is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

4. Access to the Playroom is free of charge for Guests of UROCZYSKO SIEDMIU STAWÓW LUXURY HOTEL & SPA by L'Ocittane.

5. The care taker of a child using the Playroom is obliged to become familiar with the Regulations and to communicate safety rules to the child.

6. The Playroom is designed for children aged up to 12 years. Children under the age of 3 may use the Playroom only under the care of an adult guardian.

7. Guardians leaving a child alone in the Playroom do it at their own risk. In this situation, they are required to inform the playroom personnel of such an intention and complete the appropriate form.

8. Providing access to the Playroom to children and/or the use of organised games does not mean that the hotel will take responsibility for a child present on the premises of the Playroom.

9. Parents who leave a child for an extended period of time are required to provide food and drink for the child. Otherwise they bear the possible costs of food for the child, according to the current Children's Menu of the Uroczysko 7 Stawów Luxury Hotel & Spa by L'Occitane Restaurant.

10. For the sake of health of all the Guests of the Playroom, persons with symptoms of a cold or other illnesses will not be admitted to the Playroom or will be asked to leave it. It is the responsibility of the guardians to inform personnel of their child's medical conditions and disabilities such as asthma, epilepsy, hearing impairment, etc.

11. The Playroom toys and equipment may only be used in accordance with their intended use. The Hotel is not responsible for injuries or damages caused by improper use of the equipment in the Playroom.

12. The Hotel is not responsible for items lost or left in the Playroom.

13. Any items found in the Playroom should be handed over to the personnel who will handle them in accordance with the law.

14. It is forbidden to bring private toys to the Playroom or other “props” that may cause injury to the children playing or damage the Playroom equipment.

15. It is forbidden to take elements of equipment, devices and toys out of the Playroom.

16. The personnel of the Playroom may refuse to allow a child into the room or ask a child to leave, if its behaviour or clothing endangers other participants of the playroom. 

17. Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, introducing animals and eating and drinking in the area designated for children's play in the Playroom is strictly prohibited.

18. Children and adults staying in the Playroom are obliged to observe the regulations and to carry out the instructions of personnel in relation to the Regulations in force. 

19. In the event of any accidental injury to your child, please inform the Playroom personnel immediately.

22. Hand disinfectants have been placed in the entrance area of the Playroom, and each person entering the Playroom is required to disinfect their hands.

24. The Playroom, including all objects and equipment, is thoroughly cleaned with disinfectants and aired a minimum of 2 times a day; once before opening, the second time during the mandatory technical break from 1:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m..

25. Before entering the playroom it is obligatory to remove shoes and change socks for clean, unused ones adapted to the safety requirements of a particular playroom, and the guardians are obliged to wear shoe covers.

27. Mandatory covering of nose and mouth by personnel and child guardian.

28. Maintain a minimum distance of 2 metres between persons.

29. The legal guardians, parents or other persons bound by law or contract to look after the child shall be responsible for any damage caused by the child to third parties or to the UROCZYSKO SIEDMIU STAWÓW LUXURY HOTEL & SPA by L' Occitane, in accordance with the provisions in force governing this responsibility, and in particular Article 426, in conjunction with Article 427 of the Civil Code. 

30. The entity responsible for the operation of the attraction reserves the right to monitor the facility.

31. The entity responsible for the operation of the Playroom is MC DIAM Sp. z o.o. 



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