Uroczysko Siedmiu Stawów  & Spa by L’Occitane,  Niemcza
Uroczysko Siedmiu Stawów  & Spa by L’Occitane,  Niemcza
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Sauna regulations

24 Sep. ‘23
25 Sep. ‘23


1. Please read these regulations before entering a sauna.

2. Saunas should be used by healthy people.

3. Saunas may be used by adults. Minors may use a sauna only when accompanied by an adult guardian.

4. Persons staying in the saunas declare full physical and health capacity to use this type of treatment and are responsible for their health condition.

5. The users of the saunas are obliged to observe order and maintain cleanliness of the used room. 

6. Before entering the saunas, take a shower to cleanse your skin.

7. Remove jewellery, glasses and contact lenses to avoid possible burns.

8. Sit or lie down on a towel.

9. Start heating from the lowest points

(dry sauna).

10. In saunas you should not stay too close to the heating devices – the place of steam emission in the steam bath and the furnace in the dry sauna.

11. Any adjustments to the sauna equipment, in particular to the heating of the heater, may only be made by the hotel personnel.

12. When using the saunas, please keep quiet. 

13. If you suddenly feel unwell, stop heating immediately.

14. If you feel unwell, press the emergency button immediately.

15. In saunas it is forbidden to:

- enter with your clothes and shoes on,

- perform cosmetic procedures,

- bring in dishes, food and any foreign objects, drinks

- smoke tobacco,

- destroy and damage the equipment.

16. After a stay in the saunas, it is not recommended to use the Jacuzzi bath or to exercise.

17. It is not recommended to use the sauna:

- immediately after intensive endurance training,

- by people with cardiovascular disease,

- by people with diabetes,

- by intoxicated people,

- by pregnant women,

- by women during menstruation.

18. Persons violating order or the provisions of these regulations will be removed from the facility without the right to a refund of previously paid fees.

19. The use of the sauna means that the person has read and accepts all the above points of the regulations.

20. The hotel is not liable for accidents caused by failure to observe

these regulations and personnel instructions.

21. In case of losing a swimming pool locker key a Guest bears the cost of PLN 40.


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