Uroczysko Siedmiu Stawów Luxury Hotel has been conceived as an exclusive yet eco-friendly place of rest and regeneration for demanding guests.

Together with its entire environs, the hotel is located on a nature protection site as part of the EU Natura 2000 programme. The purpose of the programme is to preserve certain types of natural habitats and species, regarded as valuable and endangered across Europe.

Elm-ash and alder-ash forests in watercourse valleys and around ponds, featuring trees of monumental size, are considered particularly valuable in the flora surrounding Uroczysko. The area is distinguished by butterfly fauna featuring Danube Clouded Yellow. The site is important for the protection of two species of bats; it is also a place of large presence of edible dormouse. The major ornithological qualities of this area include the richness of many forest and some aquatic birds, considered rare and endangered.

By starting the renovation and adaptation of the castle to its new function, the priority was to ensure the maximum reduction of the impact of the project on the environment. In order to achieve this objective, three investments with a positive impact on the environment have been implemented: a heat pump; a biological wastewater treatment plant; and a greywater system.

Therefore, today guests can enjoy the beauty of the place, relaxing and deriving health from the intact nature surrounding Uroczysko.



Heat pump is a solution that uses geothermal properties of the soil surrounding Uroczysko to heat the hotel interiors and its water. This solution has been selected because heat pumps gain up to 80% of the heat energy from the environment, while achieving 500% efficiency (5kWh of heat energy from 1kWh of electricity). Usable water in the system may be heated up to 65°C, which ensures full comfort of use. Most importantly, however, thanks to its operation without the emission of harmful substances, the solution based on a heat pump ensures a significantly reduction of the environment burden, including zero CO2 emissions in the hotel complex.


In order to minimise the environmental impact, it has been decided that a biological wastewater treatment plant would be constructed at Uroczysko. The plant uses a technology that results in biological decomposition of organic pollutants which use microorganisms forming deposited biomass. This is a method of submerged biological wastewater beds that are blown out with compressed air and mounted on special grills in concrete tanks. This solution virtually eliminates the risk of washing out biologically active sludge from the chamber, and ensures control of the processes inside the tanks. Furthermore, it is characterised by a small amount of secondary sludge and low demand for area, with the concurrent very high efficiency of removal of organic impurities and complete nitrification


Statistically, water consumption in a 4-star hotel in Europe ranges from 120 to 780 litres per person per day. Meanwhile, only 0.3% of water resources on earth are available to us in the form of rivers and lakes. Currently, 450 million people suffer from water scarcity; it is estimated that in 2025, this problem will involve 37% of people on earth.
Comparing these facts, you can see how important it is to use water in an economical manner. Respecting available water resources, a greywater system has been installed at Uroczysko. It stores rainwater in an underground tank; after filtering, the water supplies a separate system for flushing toilets. Water used for flushing toilets (an average of about 7 litres every time we visit the toilet) is about 50% of the daily demand for water, meaning that flushing toilets is one of the most water-consuming operations. The water stored in tanks is also used as service water. Thanks to the greywater system, we avoid using potable water resources on operations that do not require these resources.


The benefits of fresh herbs from your garden can never be over-emphasised; they comprise a collection of tastes and aromas, and in the flowering season attract dozens of colourful butterflies. Herbs are a great addition to all kinds of dishes, ensuring their unique taste and aromas. We gladly use them at Uroczysko: the freshest organically grown herbs from the Herbarium go directly onto guests’ plates.


The taste of home-grown vegetables remains in our memory for a long time, and the satisfaction of harvesting the crops compensates for the effort put into their care. Since 2017, 65 hectares of arable land around Uroczysko have gained the ecological status: this means that the vegetables and fruits on our guests’ plates are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers. They feature high quality and are full of vitamins; green beans, courgettes, kale, beetroot, cucumbers and pumpkins are among the ingredients of the exquisite dishes served at the hotel’s restaurant. Visit us soon and enjoy the food!



At the foot of the castle hill there is a park with picturesque, lush green vegetation


Fitness and recreation

Fitness and recreation

Uroczysko Siedmiu Stawów places particular emphasis on health, fitness and well-being of its guests.

Fitness and recreation

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